Mission Statement and Notice of Copyright

The Salt Lake Daily Issue exists, to provide an iconoclastic
– yet rarely profane – look, at those pressing social issues, where
any number of good pragmatic solutions are waiting to be found.


In recognition of the living spirit behind the words “Liberty and Justice for all,” this web-publication is intended to provide voice and access for those many disenfranchised individuals and organizations – to be found among us – who would clearly welcome the chance to express their views to members of an often woefully misinformed public.  Albeit, the views expressed may well be the less-popular ideas, and political issues, of the day.

That we might help to not only establish better communication and increased understanding, within our communities, but also, increased support for their right to speak out about the many difficulties they face.

 Difficulties that become increasingly onerous when denied meaningful input or legal remedy, at the hands of federal, state, and local, governmental agencies and their representatives. But who continue, rather, to be held hostage to the glaring hubris of a ruling oligarchy. One that is, at times, not only brutally insensitive to their needs, as human beings, but one that, far too often, refuses to recognize their basic civil rights, as American citizens.

 It’s about promoting equal access, and social equality.

 And, yes – it’s about recognizing – and working to maintain – that distinction between church and state.


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