Infinite SurveyMonkey Theorem

Here at The Salt Lake Daily Issue, I’m delighted to share this fascinatingly funny post – with a message – from this wonderfully important blog,  Irresistible (Dis)Grace.
And be sure check out the blog – to see why I think it is so wonderfully important.


The Irresistible (Dis)Grace

Monkey at Typewriting

You probably have heard of the Infinite Monkey Theorem. The idea is that an infinite number of monkeys typing randomly at keys on a typewriter will eventually type a given text, such as all of Shakespeare’s works.

What about infinite SurveyMonkeys?

Unfortunately, there aren’t an infinite number of members of the church to fill out church surveys, and I think for a number of reasons, surveys like the church is running apparently to gain more insight onto attitudes about women (read: Ordain Women) probably won’t do anyway. But here’s the question:

Could a not-so-infinite number of SurveyMonkeys randomly picking at opinions eventually get a revelation on women’s ordination?

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