A Call to Alarms


As human beings, we are rather wondrous creatures – made ridiculously contemptible by an overarching and collective need to play on, control, manipulate, and regulate, the private lives and social spheres of influence, of those around us. This collective defect in character is nowhere more pronounced, and used to gaining sway, than in those numerous quasi-political parties. More commonly known as varying sects, of similar religious beliefs.

Creeds, that have themselves sprung up in response to differences of religious sentiments – real or imagined.  Some invented wholecloth. But that mirror the ideologies, personal interests, and political prejudices, of those in power. And who – by immediately setting about to collect the Lord’s tithe – fall into that particular hubris common to tax collectors everywhere. “We collect the money – so we make the rules.”

The fact that our founding fathers took great pains to guard against the usurping of power, by any institution of religion. In hoping to prevent the reins of political power from ever falling into the hands of priestcraft.  That this country might never experience the unrest and wars, like those that had embroiled the countries of Europe, during the previous 1500 years. But the institutes of American government have long since become soiled, by religious imposition and corruption, now being ushered in on a massive scale.

It does little to point out that those “1 % ‘ers” – who’s ‘place’ is now fully ensconced at the seat of government – no longer even need the enormous political power, previously provided by those same religious conservative organizations. Thanks in large part, to the Supreme Court’s implementation of Citizen’s United. But they continue to find – as despots always have – that religion is still useful, if not downright handy.  To control and mislead the masses, when their amoral brand of Ann Randian Social Darwinism needs further screening – and obfuscating – from the prying eyes of the deceived citizenry.

I’d like to think it isn’t happening. That it hasn’t, in fact, already happened. That the quietude of life on American soil isn’t, in fact, in danger of blowing up. That the forces of government haven’t already set the scales of justice and fair governance, irrevocably against her private citizens. That brain-dead Americans would wake to the smell of toil and anguish. Before they’re awakened to the smell of bloodshed.

That Corporate America isn’t going to just continue striping the social constructs, and infrastructure, out from under their own foundations. And that we aren’t going to just continue playing “Shit in one hand – and wish in the other …”

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