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Reflecting on our need to be right

  Now that Kate Kelly and the Ordain Women’s movement have, for the most part, concluded their high-profile run at the LDS religious oligarchy – having managed to momentarily make direct and predictably mortal contact with the corporation’s particularly low-hanging, power-ceiling fan – we’ve all had a chance to reflect on what any of it…

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LDS Apostle’s worse nitemare

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Apostasy or Apotheosis ?

- It worked for Joseph Smith.   Ordain Women launches new push for Mormon priesthood It’s an interesting theological loophole in the workings of the LDS faith – if you will – that’s being aggressively exploited by the Ordain Women Organization. As such, it is offering what it sees as the solution – a way…

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Examining artificial human intelligence

    This is a futuristic, sci-fi type of hypothetical, that I’ve broached before, but I’d be interested to hear what some of you might have to say. It has become increasingly apparent that computers will eventually attain to some higher form of, autonomous, artificial intelligence – possibly blurring any line between human intelligence and…