Blind Justice – revisited

We previously posted a link to this video, on our facebook page. But in an effort to support Lisa Angelos in her quest to see this video go viral, we’ve decided to feature this remarkable documentary as well.

Remarkable not only for the host of notables willing to take part in this effort to free Weldon Angelos from an unjust sentence, but also for the fact that it was made as part of a Community College video contest – with production values that rival 60 Minutes.

Lisa Angelos has asked anyone who can, to please help get her message out.  So please share.



This short documentary – called Blind Justice – was written by Val Douroux.   My brother, Weldon Angelos, is serving an awful 55 year mandatory prison sentence, for selling a thousand dollars worth of marijuana – and the false accusation from an informant, stating that he had a gun strapped to his ankle. Video includes lots of wonderful friends and family:  Napoleon from Tupac Shakur,  former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, one of our lawyers – Troy Booher – and many others.

– Lisa Angelos


Professional disclaimer:  Both Weldon and Lisa Angelos are related to us, here at The SLDI.  They are the son and daughter of my wife’s niece.


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