55 year sentence for selling pot, back in the news

Possible commutation by Obama, for Weldon Angelos, still up in the air

As reported in this excellent video, from NewsyPolitics YouTube Channel.

For a related article, see

Blind Justice – revisited

Legal disclaimer:  Weldon Angelos is the son of one of our nieces, here at The Salt Lake Daily Issue.

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3 thoughts on “55 year sentence for selling pot, back in the news

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  2. When will people learn that marijuana is not as addictive as tobacco or alcohol, which are both legal substances? In fact, compared to chocolate or coffee, it’s not addictive at all. The only reason selling and using pot is still a crime in most places is because certain wealthy people want it that way…because THEY raise, import (smuggle), and sell it at highly inflated prices, and deposit the money in off-shore tax shelters. If pot were to be legalized and taxed, these rich men would have to find some other way to maintain themselves. I mean, anybody who can plant a seed, or a cutting can easily grow their own…FREE!

    I won’t go into the benefits from pot for people with glaucoma, cancer, and other medical conditions because I don’t know enough about it, but when my mother was on chemo, and couldn’t even keep water in her stomach, she refused to even try a small amount of grass to control the nausea because she’d bought into the false propaganda about it being addictive. (But she didn’t refuse morphine for pain when she had a tumor removed from her thigh bone…)

    We have been lied to for 100 years about the “dangers” of pot as a “gateway drug” to the hard stuff, but most people who smoke a skinny joint to relax after work NEVER graduate to harder drugs. There have even been studies that showed that one joint actually makes people MORE alert (I can testify to that…and I didn’t enjoy the experience, I couldn’t get to sleep, so I never tried it again), but the results of these studies have been suppressed because they proved the exact opposite of what the gov’t has been telling us for decades.

    If you can find a copy of THE CRAZY YEARS by Spider Robinson, there is a chapter in there about one of those studies that he typed up himself (before word processors were even born…) as a summer job to help pay his college tuition. When the report was read by the people who paid for it, they were appalled, and either destroyed it, or hid it in a file box in a basement somewhere.

    Buy THE CRAZY YEARS (from a used book dealer; I think it’s out of print) anyway. It’s worth much more than you’ll pay for it. Full of facts and personal observations, and love for Robert A. Heinlein, who came up with that description/prognostication for this era long before America went nuts. Heinlein loved America with all his heart, and I’m glad he is no longer around to see what is happening to us.

    It’s crazy that your niece’s son, who committed no crime IMO, got a longer sentence by far than most rapists of children do. Something is terribly wrong with our laws, our priorities,and our courts. And I’m frustrated because I don’t know how to fix any of it.

    I’m struggling to survive on nothing but Social InSecurity, and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth the effort. Some politicians have even said that people have a “duty to die” when they reach 65…to make room for the offspring of breeders, I guess.

    I do want out of here…soon. I’ve had it with the irrational stuff that comes out of Washington DC and Sacramento…and groups like the Tea Baggers.

    Here’s something on a similar subject:

    We ARE falling apart.


    • sk8eycat, I think most of us live our lives – doing what we can – on the tenuous edge of barest possibility. But as long as you can add to the conversation, and the sensibilities of others – they way you’ve done with your comments here – you should retain the indwelling knowledge that you are not alone; that you are an integral part of this living process, that needs your input, as much as any others, to go on.

      Love and respect, Donnie


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