A Jack (Kennedy) Mormon? Huntsman, Jon Jr.

You can almost cut the fingernails-on-a-blackboard
sense of hysterical tension, with a proverbial knife.


Jon Huntsman

Huntsman – the only ‘thinking man’s cigarette,’ in a world of political Mo-ho’s – is about to reveal himself as a John Kennedy kind of politician; cognizant of his responsibility to see and evaluate things from a constitutional and legal point of view, first.  And not taking any direct council, let alone orders, from Temple Square.

Not that I have any wish to see the Obama administration cut short, in it’s own efforts at political redress of corporate sin. But it seems completely ludicrous that Mormons – who desperately wish to be taken seriously as mainstream political contenders – would look to diss the only halfway-mainstream political contender among them.

As for the Issue of same-sex civil unions, it doesn’t go nearly far enough to address the issue.


As proof that the opposition to gay marriage – among otherwise sane heterosexual people and politicians – is merely a smoke screen for a religious, or otherwise unfounded, and superstitiously biased agenda, I offer the following for open-minded consideration:

Marriage is a personal – and private – partnership, between two individuals, that is protected by legal statutes, (including the right of quiet enjoyment) for purposes of forming an intimate familial bond – and has no need of even considering the sex, or sexual orientation, of the individuals involved.

Why? Because the only difference it could possibly make, is the inability to conceive offspring naturally.

I’m not suggesting for a moment that heterosexual mates haven’t also been ostracized, or even murdered, for their inability to conceive children naturally; take Anne-of-a-thousand-days Boleyn, who was beheaded by Henry VIII (the Pope wasn’t good to go, with divorce).

Religious asshats have been meddling and muddling things up for thousands of years.


But seriously, are we going to deny childless couples (pardon me; couples who are unable to conceive and bear children naturally – sans in vitro, surrogate, or adoptive options) the right to marry? And how about the use of birth control, not to mention abortion; are we still stuck in the middle ages?

The many self-righteous who argue otherwise, are the same pontificating, nonsensical fools who threatened Galileo with torture and burning at the stake, for denying that the earth was flat – and the center of the entire universe – 500 years ago.  And just like them, they continue to use the power of the state to coerce individuals into complying with their personal beliefs, and standards of behavior.

Moe and Joe will never have any naturally conceived children of their own. Would that we could obtain the same kind of assurance, from a number of hetero-others.

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