Mormons continue to knock women and gays.

Marvell Smith0

From the Salt Lake Tribune headlines:
Leaders say Mormons cannot condone same-sex marriage.


While I realize that Elder Dallin H. Oaks was speaking to the ‘faithful,’ while issuing the official talking points, and marching orders, the tone – especially as heard by those outside ‘the faith’ – was truly dreadful.  Can’t condone?  What kind of arrogant pinhead thinks anyone else affords them the right to arrogate their beliefs on the rights of others.

Because, they do, of course.  Even as they gloss-over falling membership numbers, and send the official suck-it-up message, to the women and the wavering.

And it’s little wonder that there is such a lack of understanding – about the ongoing loss in numbers from within their own ranks – or the opposition coming from ‘outside.’  As these folks are commonly characterized as apostate – or excommunicated – ‘Mormon haters,’ and dismissed out of hand.

But they are the very ones who can no longer stomach, let alone ‘condone’ this arrogant stance, and attitude.  That would deny basic human rights, to other members of society – and then stand before the world and brag about it.  Who would presume to arrogate their personal beliefs on an entire nation, while, by extension, publicly raising their extended middle fingers, to those they openly abjure.

– Hell of a message.

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One thought on “Mormons continue to knock women and gays.

  1. Common within religion in America nowadays, makes no difference if it is Mormonism, American Evangelicalism or ritualized dbbl speak i.e. Catholicism. They all have their restrictions and strictures towards anyone that is not the obedient mental slave they strive to be.


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