Cemetery plots – Where do they keep finding them?

This Memorial Day not only turned my head at the overwhelming numbers of people you can sometimes pack into a grave yard, but turned my thoughts to once again weighing an apparent conundrum concerning the size of cemeteries.


mount-calvary-cemetery_585, captioned

Over the years, I’ve had occasion to mention – to a number of family and friends – that I couldn’t help thinking that cemetery overbooking would probably turn out to be another one of those “lies that are too big to be true.” People are simply dying at much faster rates than cemeteries would appear to be filling up.

I mean, where do they keep putting them? And how is it that a cemetery, with barely enough room to accommodate Memorial Day crowds, can continue to absorb more and more bodies, as it were. Year after year, decade after decade – with some still doing business over a hundred years later?

Given the extra size of those concrete burial vaults, and the rate folks are dropping dead around metropolitan Salt Lake City alone, we’re talking about one hell of a lot of holes that – lined up next to each other – would quickly fill up your average Walmart parking lot.

That’s why I feel especially moved to share this with you today.  Strictly as a heads up, though informed by little more than gut instinct – that could be gas.  But I suspect there’s been some serious hocus pocus going on there, for years.


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