Jack Germond, 1928 – 2013 RIP


Jack W. Germond, syndicated columnist and political pundit – best remembered, by me, as the acerbic liberal voice on the conservative TV show, The McLaughlin Group – has died.  He was 85.

I still smile when I remember the particular rejoinder Jack deigned to offer one of the other panelists, on one particular show, when someone presumed to inject the opinion of our own Senator Orrin Hatch into the discussion.  It was  “Oh,  That prissy little … !?”

New-age GOP talking heads, and red-meat radio personalities not excepted, they just don’t make ‘em like that anymore.


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3 thoughts on “Jack Germond, 1928 – 2013 RIP

    • What an interesting and in depth article, about the colorful Mr Verges. Clearly a man with his own, larger view, of reality. And though I can well imagine he was hated by many, it seems a tribute to the French culture, that he was not only tolerated, but respected – on another level – for having the courage of his own ‘sensibilities.’ Ones that apparently informed many of his positions. A very deep, varied, and wide, background. Ideal for performing on the world stage. Thanks for sharing this with us, Catherine.


      • I will try to send you some articles from Le Monde , center left newspaper . Some articles are in English . You are right about Maitre Vergés , he had “the courage of his sensibilities ” I do appreciate your website . Catherine .


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