Bradley Manning – still a ‘Good Ol’ Girl’



Among those touting “I AM Bradley Manning,” I saw little reason to abandon my support for him because he now wishes to publicly acknowledge gender identity issues, and assume the outward persona of a woman.  In fact, I can only assume she’s one hell of a tough gal – who’s inner strength of conviction has stood her in good stead.  Especially as she’s managed to hold her head up – and hold it all together – while awaiting sentencing on her conviction for espionage.

I’ve been especially impressed by statements she’s made, acknowledging she always knew there was a price to be paid for her actions.  Even though many, on all sides, know she performed a much-needed service, by exposing the wanton recklessness and callous disregard for human life that has been allowed to run rampant among our Air Cavalry Forces – in all those theaters of war we’ve been mired in for the last decade and a half.

“There is not a flag large enough, to cover the shame
of killing innocent people”  – Howard Zinn

Air Cavalry – translate, Army Apache Helicopter Forces – opening up, unbidden – with automatic cannon fire – on whole crowds of innocent, non-combatant civilians on the ground.  With the kind of cold-hearted hubris those in command of high-tech weapons of war, often engage in, while looking to find something – anything – to shoot at.

Anyone still in the dark about what Army Pfc. Bradley Manning – now Chelsea – was accused of ‘disseminating’ to Wiki Leaks – who hasn’t already seen it – needs to watch this video of wholesale carnage.  That took the lives of two Reuters News Agency employees – along with some dozen others – including horrified rescuers who’s van also contained two children in the front seat.  (Killers who never even winced, when told; said  “Well, it’s their fault – for bringing their kids to a battlefield.” … “Tha’s right!”)

“I had blood all down the front of me, from the children …
I was told that I needed to get the sand out of my vagina.”
– U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord

Chelsea Manning’s support groups are not giving up.  Her 35 year sentence for what was, in reality, a whistle-blower’s attempt to lift one corner on the rug of war – long enough to expose the wanton, callous, underbelly, of “acquiring” and targeting non-combatant civilians – is completely disingenuous.   Wholesale murder, being routinely committed – under color of war – in your name, the name of your country, and to the shame of the entire world.


Carnage and Ethan McCord

If you get the chance, let your own voice be heard.  Lend your support to someone who was unconscionably appalled and ashamed, as well.

Hell, she deserves a damn medal.


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6 thoughts on “Bradley Manning – still a ‘Good Ol’ Girl’

  1. Why haven’t Cheney, Rumsfeld, their puppet…Dubya, et al been at LEAST indicted for war crimes, much less tried and convicted? There are mountains of evidence, the perps are out of office, so who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolves?

    I’ve been waiting since 2008.


    • I wish I knew, sk8eycat. And now I see where the D.O.J. is looking to grant them immunity from prosecution for war crimes altogether. (That just stinks ’till Hell won’t have it.)


  2. I was reading the transcript of Chelsea Manning statement , he wrote a quote from Howard Zinn :”there is not a flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”. I do hope Chelsea Manning can get all the medical care needed .


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