GOP opposition to Obamacare – The Lie That’s Too Big To Be True

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Anyone looking in on the Ted Cruz 21 hour nonsensical diatribe, on Obama and the Affordable Care Act, would have to wonder at the audacity of this all-but-the-kitchen-sink attack of lies, misinformation, unsupported innuendo, and more damn lies – going on ad-nauseam – like stink on a bug.  Or Joe McCarthy on a suspected Communist.  (Or, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Rielly on a Liberal.)

The point is, these GOP Big Money-minions are accosting the US House of Representatives – and the American people – with the same kind of mindless McCarthyism, and demagoguery, that caused Joe McCarthy to self-deport from that same august body, upwards of 60 years ago.

 Yet here they are – Red Meat-radio, and McCarthy era Fox News Demagogues who’ve managed to get themselves elected to public office by virtue of their gerrymandered voting districts. And who are now displaying full frontal political nudity, in their overarching commitment to down Obama-care.

But in order to truly understand why – why they are not only willing, but able, to drag their entire party down to this level of gamesmanship – we need to know who’s nickel their idiotic theatrics are being played to.  And it’s certainly not to the American people – or even to the best interests of their own party.  So what is it, that keeps them so mindlessly intent on taking down the Affordable Care Act – even at the cost of ruining lives, and breaking the entire government.

Let me offer you a clue. I trust everyone remembers how hard the multi-billion dollar Tobacco Industry fought regulation in this country. And how they were even able to dupe smokers into believing it was a freedom of choice issue?   Denying all health claims being made against smoking, while running the public relations ruse, that it was just a case of governmental busy-bodies – Ralph Nader-types – looking to create more bureaucracy, where none was needed.

Now fast-forward to just 20 years ago – when the idea of universal healthcare was first being bandied about. And it was these same kind of corporate PR clowns, who initially managed to get the doctors themselves up in arms, over the whole idea.


Ask yourself, If you had spent the better part of the last 40 years, building what can only be described as a monumentally gigantic, governmentally protected, cash cow – what would be your response to anyone looking to introduce some modicum of free-market competition, through insurance companies all but guaranteed to be in a position to negotiate lower prices for your ‘product’?


As it is, over the last couple of decades, the doctors have had a chance to mull it over, and have come to realize they were being gamed by the same gasbags who were themselves intent on taking over the majority of the healthcare market – through hospital ownership, and HMO’s.

And in fact, doctors originally stirred up – at the prospect of some governmental bureaucracy coming between them and their patients – now operate within any number of healthcare systems, where this newly created medical bureaucracy routinely interjects itself between them and their patients.

The fact is, through lavish contributions to political campaigns – and in some cases, regular war chests – the big moneyed investors behind Big Medicine in America today, have been able to get literally hundreds of little laws passed (and many, not so little), to effectively establish a protected market – like some only previously seen among the iron, steel, and petroleum industries.  That were themselves broken up, for being monopolies.

Not to mention that, since it’s inception and continued rise to its current levels of power and influence, medical costs have skyrocketed to completely unimagined heights.


The simple fact is, we pay many times the amount of money, in this country – for less actual medical care – than any other developed country in the world.


So what rat hole, you might wonder, is all the money from this protected racket being funneled down?  After all the political contributions, doctor wooing, and keeping all the lights on in the clinics and hospitals?

Does the 1% ring a bell?

Ask yourself, If you had spent the better part of the last 40 years, building what can only be described as a monumentally gigantic, governmentally protected, cash cow – what would be your response to anyone looking to introduce some modicum of free-market competition, through insurance companies all but guaranteed to be in a position to negotiate lower prices for your ‘product’?

And if you think the tobacco industry pulled every under-handed, lying, deceitful, dirty trick in the book, just to stave-off tobacco regulation, liability, and reform, just what in God’s name do you think one of the most powerful economic cabals in America wouldn’t do, to stop the government from enacting healthcare reforms, destined to cut the legs out from under this protected racket?

And, in fact, the biggest assholes in Congress – like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee – are nothing more than paid fly shit in the pepper.  Doing nothing more than the bidding of their masters.  Acting as paid shills for the lobbyists.


How they’re being paid, or otherwise rewarded, is anyone’s guess.  But corruption in government is at least the 2nd oldest profession in the world.  And these boys have it down to an art form.


But the overarching lie – that these guys actually give a rats ass about “what the American people want,” is merely lip service – to cover the larger lie.  And The Lie That’s Too Big To Be True, is that just about every member of that august body of thieves is aware of this elephant in the room.  Because at some level, they are all attached to it.

It is the driving force, behind governmental shutdowns and whatever else it takes.  Funded by multi-billion dollar Big Medical corporate interests, who have spent millions of dollars, lobbying to prevent ANY loss of control, over this monumental money-maker.  To prevent it being wrested from their grip, at ANY cost.

That it’s sold to the public, and purported to be a political, republican, GOP or Tea-Party thing – “good for the country as a whole, and what the people want” – while allowing us to think they must just really hate Obama – is the bullshit cover story, used to protect this wishes-to-remain-anonymous elephant in the room.  And it’s time for this robber-baron’s mask to come off.

You know we all just sat and watched as our elected officials bailed out the very financial institutions responsible for the last economic collapse.  And now, literally hundreds of thousands – possibly millions – of lives and livelihoods are being sacrificed – on the altar of politics – to appease and serve the Money-Gods of the Medical Industry.  In protecting them from the financial consequences of the Affordable Care Act.

And every stinking member of Congress – Republicans first, but Democrats none the less – are aware of this ruse.  And are therefore complicit – in failing to speak out.  And in perpetuating this lie before the American people.

YOU’RE BEING SOLD, folks.  And it’s about time to “git a rope!”


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4 thoughts on “GOP opposition to Obamacare – The Lie That’s Too Big To Be True

  1. The only way to make sure every American has access to the health care they need is through a Single-Payer system. This “free market” scheme is just a stop-gap to try to appease Big Med (really it’s Big Ins.)

    I’ve been on Medicare for not quite 10 years, and I still have to pay 10% of my monthly Social Security “benefit” for Part B. I don’t have Part D because that’s a scam to benefit the insurance companies…it gives THEM the power to decide what medications your MD can prescribe for you, and how often.

    I have a friend who is in constant pain with Crohn’s AND Fibromyalgia, and she was forced to go on Part D. So every 60 days or less, she has to fight the ins co bureaucracy to get the medications that make it possible for her to eat anything, and dull the pain. NOT stop the pain, just make it somewhat bearable.

    I wish there was a way to force the Big Everything minions in congress to spend maybe a month trying to live under these conditions.


    • Thanks for the input, once again, sk8eycat.
      I must confess, I don’t understand all the in’s and out’s of the medical insurance world.
      All I do know, is that these guys are sitting on top of a gold mine, and willing to treat the Affordable Care Act, the President, and the whole damn government as claim-jumpers. And can’t be worried about the consequences their actions have on any of the rest of us. The irony is that members of congress are the ones who’ve given them the power to begin with. And are the ones who now continue to do their bidding. Ergo, the shutdown.


      • Somebody posted this on Hang With Friends – Atheist Nexus…thought you might need a little laugh:

        From Twitter:
        America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free healthcare and without the guns? (Recommended)
        The gold miners are treating about 50% (or more) of the American population as claim jumpers. Dammit! I worked all my adult life, and since I am female I always earned less than the men who were doing the same job(s), SO…now that I am retired I am getting lower Social Security benefits than those same men are. IF they are still alive.

        I have a feeling that there are quite a few of the gold miners’ minions in government who WANT everyone who is unable to work and pay taxes to die ASAP. I’ve had that feeling since the early 1980s. Some days I’m tempted to oblige them.


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