The invisible elephant in the room, behind the shutdown



Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States Congress – and I am speaking to both the House and the Senate, Republicans and Democrats. How long can you expect to keep the real power behind this whole ruse, a secret from the American People. And what does any of you think is going to happen, once the real truth is known?

You are all playing a fools game, in shutting down the government while hollering about Debt Ceilings, and funding the Affordable Care Act – while pointing fingers at Tea Baggers, and blaming folks who must just really hate Obama.

The lie that’s too big to be true, is that it’s the multi-billion dollar Medical Industries, who are the driving force – and the money – behind this desperate push to get the president to abandon implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

And the lie that’s too big to be true, is that each and every one of you (be there few exceptions?) are on their payrolls. Receiving lavish political donations, ‘political trips,’ perks, and other remuneration, that you are wont to give up.

What do you think the reaction of the American people is going to be, once they realize you’ve held the government hostage, and put millions out of work? Shut down national parks, and crippled whole town economies – just so you wouldn’t lose the funds you need, to get re-elected?

I foresee a march on Washington, the likes of which you’ve never even seen or imagined. It’s what can only happen when you suddenly cut loose the masses from where they’re supposed to be, and their incomes. Who suddenly find themselves with nothing better to do – and little else to lose.

You should be afraid. VERY afraid. Some of them will probably be armed with rope and pitchfork.

Because of your individual cowardice, and belief in the power of collusion – the only thing currently working across both sides of the isles – you have allowed this charade to get to a point where the mask is finally going to have to come off of these moneyed robber-barons. And provide a contrasting background, for the invisible elephant in the room.

It’s not American citizens, or even American businesses you are ‘protecting.’ It is, rather, to keep all hands off the multi-billion dollar Cash Cow, that the medical industry represents.

You can shit yourselves all you want – that it’s ‘allowable,’ and perfectly legal, and yada, yada, yada … But what do you think the rest of the country is going to think about it – once it’s revealed your hands are all in the Medical Industry’s money jar?

I’ve had occasion to see one or two come forward with the truth – usually after they have either been run out-of-town, or quit in disgust over “business as usual.”

But, damn it – I’m calling for a mass-renunciation. Across both isles, in both houses of congress, and across all party lines. It’s time to stand up, turn around, and slap the gun out of the collective hands at your back.

You are the ones responsible for it’s creation, continual growth, and power. And now it is your responsibility to cut the hands off this incestuous monster, before it can compel you to do any further damage to our country.

I’m calling on each and every one of you, to abandon your mindless support, and protective stance, towards shielding the Multi-billion dollar Medical Industry from the financial consequences of the Affordable Care Act.

Stop allowing yourselves to be held hostage, to this invisible elephant in the room. And stop holding the entire country hostage – and responsible – for your political funding.

(I sincerely hope everyone who sees this, would do their best to see that everyone else has a chance to see it too.)


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2 thoughts on “The invisible elephant in the room, behind the shutdown

  1. Hello again. You forgot to mention the Supremes; they, and their Citizens United decision, have been feeding the Elephant till it has become something more the size of a whale, if not larger. I have known since I first went into accounting (in 1960) that a corporation is considered a person under the law, but nobody, not even my brilliant father could explain WHY.

    Apparently the only way to overturn that piece of misbegotten *bleep!* is with a constitutional amendment, and that would take forever…if it can be done at all. IMO it will be more difficult than the late, much lamented Equal Rights Amendment. Too many people in and out of government have too much to lose (they believe) if citizens were able to find out who is paying who to do what, and for HOW MUCH.

    IMO the “oldest profession” is the religious leader, who in the “olden days” was also the lawmaker, declaring that his authority was given to him by some deity. There are still too many of those types around. Women who “sold” themselves for security, partnership, or money were a far distant second.

    But you are right, the Tea Party and its minions and issues are a deliberate distraction. Emotional issues get much more attention than nuts & bolts financial issues. That’s how we got into that deregulated Predatory Mortgage mess, and I’m one of the people who got caught in it. I still have my house, but I don’t know for how much longer.

    Maybe I should take L. Ron’s way out and declare this place a Temple of Bastet; there are plenty of cat fans on the net who might fall for it.
    8 >)


    • Once again, sk8eycat – Thanks for your comments, and your own insightful takes on this issue. Nix starting any kind of new religion – especially involving cats. We’re going need the cats even more – to help us connect to our own humanity – once the stake is finally driven through the heart of ‘revealed religion.’


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