Condoning Republican Rubes in Utah

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The presumptuous message, delivered by LDS General Authority Dallin H Oaks, in his LDS General Conference address, a week and a half ago – reiterating their position that the Mormon Church will never ‘condone’ same-sex marriage, by once again invoking ‘the Word God’ – has stuck in my craw like one more Westboro Baptist decree against gays.

In fact, between them – the LDS Church, the Westboro Baptist bunch, and the Pat Robertsons, et al – the propensity to stick words in God’s mouth, so they can pound them down our throats, is only excelled by the Reich-wing Republican Oligarchy’s attempt to arrogate their wrong-headed and ruinous approach to governance, as signifying the ‘will’ of some imagined ‘American People.’  You know; the ones we hear being authoritatively cited – while we’re left to look around, trying to see where all these Mystery Americans are hiding.  Or maybe they just mean Joe the Plumber-types that show up at Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin rallies – waving their misspelled anti-Obama signs (when apparently not needed at a Westboro Baptist protest – against an American Soldier being laid to rest.)

So you can see why I was doubly flummoxed, on hearing that not only would the Utah Tax Commission rule against allowing same-sex married couples to file joint state tax returns – on learning the Feds had OK’d it – but that this apparent proactive move, by self-serving governmental sycophants of the LDS Church, was surreptitiously made – like a Jason Chaffetz rules change on the floor of the American House of Representatives – without public airing, or input.

Apparently there’s either something in the water, or none is needed, when you’re so used to speaking for ‘God and the American People of the Great State of Utah.’  And faced with the prospect of such an unimaginable social evil, as being expected to accept the filing of joint tax returns by same-sex married couples, is being slipped under the door – or at least, dropped through the mail slots – of unsuspecting Mormons.  Or is that ‘the People of the Great State of Utah?  I have trouble telling which.

In either event, it’s such an obvious back-door attempt (no pun intended) to legislate morality, by governmental minions – too dumb and clueless to think outside the box.  Oh! – that’s right – there IS no box, for declaring the sex of tax filer’s – on either the Federal or the State’s filing forms.  So let’s just dream up a conflict – over the solution to an actual problem – where none exists, and jump right on it.

But in fact, has anyone ever heard the will of the ‘American People’ invoked so unconscionably, by leaders of the Rabid Right, since Bob Dole?  They enshrine every other stinking, high-handed, word out of their mouths, as being elicited by ‘the will of the American people.’

But in their case, particularly, the ‘Will of the American People’ is a polite misnomer for a bald-faced lie.  The Republican Party – along with its Tea Party affiliations – are attempting to sell the will of Corporate America, as the will of the American People.  And with little more shame than the State Tax Commission is openly attempting to push the political agenda of the LDS Church, as reflecting the will of the ‘People of Utah.’

And, of course, the lie that’s too big to be true:  The LDS Church’s need to put itself at the center of social contentions, that it might continue to rile controversy, while continuing to rake in the funds, from both card-carrying members – and other ideologues – happy to hate with their pocket books, for such surreptitious efforts to undermine social justice in Utah.


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