Funny how much I can get done – when I have too much to do

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It’s been an interesting couple of weeks around here.  

It started with our back-up computer (the one my wife uses) going completely bonkers.  Requiring a complete, ‘clean,’ reinstall of the Windows 7 operating system (and close to 200 updates) — twice — before getting it back into service.

Then there was the 6 foot deep hole (about half the size of an open grave), to go after and replace the busted sprinkler system ‘shut off and drain valve.’  Which, I swear I don’t remember the hole being half-again as deep – or the ground half as hard and rocky – when I originally dug down and installed it, some 31 years ago.


However, coming during the government shut down interlude, it was probably a good thing I had a shovel in hand – and a deep hole to dig – while merely contemplating the bodies I’d liked to have interred there.


Then, factor in four doctor appointments, between me and the Missus.  The last being a Colonoscopy – and confirmation that I really am full of shit.

Then the furnace went out.  A tribute, as it turns out, to the new, dirtier, natural gas they’re pumping into our homes these days.  So that – if I didn’t know better – I’d have thought the Gods where trying to gang save me by now.

So it was with an initial sigh of relief, that I looked forward to sitting down and throwing a few of things at the wall – to see what might stick – for posting here in The Salt Lake Daily Issue.  And, that made it doubly horrifying to discover my main computer unwilling to rise and shine this morning.  Or boot – after trying to manually shut it down and restart  (I started this little love-letter on the aforementioned back up computer.)

But, after enough coffee and grumbling at the odds, I was finally able to make it whirr, by undoing the effects of what I suspect was an automatic update – in the middle of the night – by my particularly hide-bound “security suite,” that’s provided courtesy of my Internet service provider.

Falling back on the ol’ philosophy – that if it hadn’t been one thing, it would’ve just been something else – the one ray of sunshine, in all this, was from the Happiness Engineers at  Who, following a week of back and forth emails, between myself and Support, were happy to report that problems remapping the domain for my sister site,, were successfully resolved, and I was ‘back in business.’  Which is to say, it was the first time in over 18 months, that I was able to log in and actually view the site myself.

So I was able to get in a little work on the planned update to the look and feel, I felt was needed, between flappin’ out all those other fires.

It’s still not completely dusted off.  But, as my pappy was sometimes wont to say, “Good Lord willin’ – and the creek don’t rise …”, I’d like to invite each and every one of you to drop by – when you get the chance.  It’s still a mix of the old and the new – but ready to take off in a new direction.

(Damn; is that water I hear running?)

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One thought on “Funny how much I can get done – when I have too much to do

  1. And on a more personal note, it would appear that I may have over-spoke, from some kind of bi-polar sense of optimism. (Just saying ..) 😀


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