Utah’s animus dresses up in white, before 10th US Circuit Court

Love retains its innocence_Captioned


Love is deemed chaste, because of its certain natural innocence.  So when Governor Gary Herbert declared it was his duty to defend Utah’s Amendment III, I was reminded of George Bernard Shaw’s observation.  That, when a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares it to be his duty.

But in reviewing the legal brief filed by the State of Utah – and their LDS Church-based group of hired guns – with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  And while looking over their increasingly tired arguments against allowing full citizenship for same-sex married couples – and aimed at overturning Judge Shelby’s recent ruling – I am also reminded that idealism is often little more than disguised displeasure and indifference towards those we ‘other.’

And, while not completely surprised at their mendacious use of arguments, that fly in the face of real world studies, I am surprised by their blatant use of court-clogging tactics.  And that – rather that address the specific points Judge Shelby used to make his ruling – their off-sides approach seems to be aimed more at the idea, that if you can’t dazzle them with the details, you can at least hope to baffle them with a whole laundry-list of bullshit.  (read:  extraneous reference materials.)

That their whole argument boils down to a couple of a priori, specious inventions – relating to some imagined impact on reproductive rates, and some burnished ideal of childhood development – their stance is unabashedly insistent on the apparently ‘revealed correctness’ of their ideological vision, of a perfect social order.  One that, of course, requires “everyone” be made to live by their mandates.

The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them,
but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity.
– George Bernard Shaw


But how dare they continue with their dissembling pretensions to some moral high ground, in declaring their sole motivation to be in the interests of “the children.”  While coldly turning their backs on the real-world implications and harm being dealt both the children – and the parents of those children – who fail to conform to the cookie-cutter molds, created in their ideological imaginations.

The fact that their arguments fail to touch ground with reality – at any point – belies their proponents ability to completely ignore the overwhelming number of real-world solutions that same-sex marriage answers.  In terms that are not only beneficial to society – while also meeting the social needs of those effected individuals and their families – but also providing the needed legal recognition of their actual “free agency.”  To live their lives, unmolested and free of coercion, by the State of Utah.   And the protection of their individual civil rights, guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

The sooner these disguised cobwebs of God-spiel can be swept from the corners of government everywhere – the windows thrown open, and the light let in – the sooner this kind of small-minded provincialism can be relegated to its place.  Behind the musty walls of religious belief, in general, and the moldering walls of Mormonism, in Utah.

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