The times – they are a-Changing

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In their opposition to same-sex marriage, Attorney General Philip Lott, and his entire cotillion of hysterical Utah cry-babies, have dropped all pretense to legal standing, and are now reduced to howling like spoiled brats.  Howling that this ruling, by Justice Shelby, has led to confusion in the minds of Utah citizens.  And that it has upset the precious status quo, in society’s fundamental understanding of what marriage is.

One has to ask who, exactly, these folks are, that are so taken aback and confused by such a basic, fundamental ruling, that so many should appear to be in need of counseling.  Perhaps they should call on the main backers and supporters of their position – The LDS Church, Inc. – to provide emergency triage.  Kind of like what the Red Cross does – after a real emergency.  Just to handle the mass-hysteria.  Before some of these folks choke on some Green Jello, or hurt themselves aspirating their KoolAid, down the wrong tube.

That, or maybe someone needs to beat a few of them with a stick, in order to bring them back down to earth – and to their senses – about what it is they espouse to believe.  And that is what has become increasingly hard to believable, in a so-called civilized society.  Who in the hell do these self-righteous social obstructionists think they are?  Are they asking to have their Angels Moroni, hauled down from off the very spires of their Temples, before they’re willing to acknowledge their crap will no longer fly?

They’ve gotten away with being Bastards – under color of law – imminently long enough.  I don’t think we need afford them that presumed right, one minute longer.  Not outside the bounds of legal jurisprudence – regardless of how hard they find it, trying to wrap their collective heads around the new civil order.  Because, a new civil order it is.

Judge Shelby has effectively emancipated members of the lesbian and gay communities, from the oppressive control of this State’s religious oligarchy.  An event that is sure to resonate in the history of Utah, and these United States.  And to quote Bob Dylan, it’s time to “get out of the way, if you can’t lend your hand – For the times, they are (a)changing.”

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One thought on “The times – they are a-Changing

  1. “…this ruling, by Justice Shelby, has led to confusion in the minds of Utah citizens…”
    “confusion”? Are they implying that no Utah citizens can think for themselves and have to be led around by nannies? Oh, my. I think it’s the other way around.

    Steve Benson’s article, “From Latter Day Saint to Latter Day Ain’t,” tells how his elderly senile grandfather, Ezra Taft Benson…when he was President/Prophet of the church …., had to be literally propped up for photo ops, and the other elders of the church would occasionally issue statements that they claimed were uttered by a man who could no longer speak coherently, let alone think.

    IMO the LDS church has its knickers in a twist over same sex marriage because they were forced to abolish polygamy before Utah was allowed to become a state. This is their attempt to pay the rest of the country back for something that happened more than 100 years ago now that they have the money and large numbers of believers to make some noise.

    “Power corrupts…etc.”


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