My response to goaloflifeadmin – or Exercise in morality 101



This post began as a response to comments left by WordPress blogger goaloflifeadmin, concerning my previous article, Deconstructing the hard edge of religion. It was getting a bit long – and I felt it touched on some things that deserve a closer look.


I don’t know why you would automatically assume that atheists don’t put just as high a premium on bedrock human values, as anyone else. It does not require God – or even a belief in God – for people to discover those underlying human values.  That lend themselves to moral codes, based on honesty, integrity, the care of family, community, and offspring.

We simply reject all superstitious notions of God, or any or those other supernatural agents. As well as the fraud of those men, who would claim the ability – through anecdotal resource, or self-serving revelation – to know the mind of any such phantasm.

And, while I hate the fraud of religionof every stripe – Islam has shown itself to be a particularly backward and pernicious form, of religious superstition.

The pre-Islamic Middle-East, was once a great seat of learning, scholarship, and understanding.  The English language uses letters derived from Aramaic – and is still referred to as the Arabic alphabet.

But at some point, the Islamic world traded in all that knowledge and scholarship, for a book angry tropes.  And the whole Islamic world has been plunged into ignorance and scholastic darkness, ever since.

Young boys grow up studying the Koran – and only the Koran.  Never to become scientists, engineers, or medical researchers – except through outside influence.  The vast majority would find themselves functionally illiterate, in the outside world.

But you are the one’s, who’ve created this incredible knowledge gap, that exists within your countries.   That have provided the open invitation for outsiders to come in, and take advantage of you – while developing your natural resources. (And making just a small handful of the people in your countries, rich.)

The solution is not to think you’ll ever be the ones, to take over the world.  Or to declare war on the Western world. And, while the nihilistic disaffection of vast numbers of Arabs is completely understandable, the only solution that will ever work, is to lay aside that ridiculous Bedouin tome, and give up the superstitious ritual of praying 5 times a day.  To ween yourselves from continually looking to ‘Allah.’ And educate yourselves enough to administer your own affairs.  ( I know that’s not as much fun, as running around, rioting and hollering about the Evil Westerner Empire, is it?)

King Solomon, in the Book of Ecclesiastes – King James version of the Bible (Chapter 7, Verse 29) – observed:

“Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright;
but they have sought out many inventions.”


I quote King Solomon, not because I believe in God – or the truth of the Bible.  But because this book is the only philosophical treatise in the whole Bible.  And because I understand the wisdom, behind this man’s words.

You’ve posted a link, that goes to a whole website of “other inventions.”  An entire vista of mental quicksand – laid out to invite wandering souls to explore.  But none of it is of any more use, than looking to the stars – or reading tea leaves.  Will any of it even help you to fix the plumbing?

I do not “hate Islam” as anything other than one more road – leading to spiritual and intellectual darkness.  For the same reason I “hate” the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, and all those literally thousands of other specious texts, that grope around in darkness – while making false truth claims, about how the world – and this universe – really work.

And after a lifetime of study, none of them can show you how to find your own ass, in the dark – using both hands.

Be well.

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4 thoughts on “My response to goaloflifeadmin – or Exercise in morality 101

  1. As a deist, I agree with your opinion of religions, particularly the more dogmatic ones. A deist doesn’t foreclose the possibility of a Creator (I don’t even like the word “God”), but if a Creator exists, the fantasy that “He” is religion’s God is so beyond belief, it’s unbelievable. If I weren’t a deist, I would be an agnostic, because in a certain sense, it strikes me that atheists are as dogmatic in their position as the religions they rightly revile. My feeling is that when it is impossible to know, DOUBT.


    • Good to hear from you, ‘muse. I feel life is a very personal journey of discovery. And that (most) humans have an innate ‘spiritual side’ to their psychological make up. Though most are quick to conflate manifestations of this, with their notions of God.

      But the absolutes of any particular ‘belief’ matter little, if the goal is enlightenment, self knowledge, and inner peace. It’s not so much a matter of who’s right or who is wrong.

      That said – if you’ll allow me what is hopefully, not too egregious an analogy: Once one is aware that the earth is round (and people on ‘the bottom,’ are in no danger of falling off) the idea of butting heads with unknowing flat-Earthers – over how far out from shore one can go, before you’d expect to fall off – is not only moot, but tiresome as well. ☺


  2. Donnie, I appreciate this conversation (debate is for politicians – conversation/discussion is for those of us who’s “goal is enlightenment, self knowledge and inner peace”), and I agree with your “right or wrong” comment, because when it comes to all things “God,” who knows who’s right or wrong?

    I guess my main bone of contention with many atheists is their equating religion’s God with the whole idea of God. We can all agree there is no such God as religion’s God. This is not the same as the concept of God (or Creator, the word I prefer, as I said before). Religion’s God is easy pickings, which may be why (I may be wrong) many atheists fail to make a distinction. The abstract God, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish, and humanly (it seems to me) impossible to prove one way or the other. That is why I’m an “agnostic deist,” if you will.


    • Your distinction – between concepts of God – is particularly well stated.

      And I agree – many atheists are as quick to unknowingly attack anyone’s concept of God, as most ‘believers’ are to diss an atheist. The range of articulated belief, for the whole concept of God – and particularly a deistic creator – are as intricately nuanced, as any other expression of an individual’s personal journey of discovery. It’s not “Lights On”/”Lights Off.” And many, we might describe as being at the deistic/agnostic end of that arc, come to realize any differences are largely negligible. Mattering little – when speaking of higher understanding – what anyone ultimately hangs their hat on.

      I continue to maintain it IS possible to know there is no creator – as even you might think of one. Even as I continue to maintain, it’s just not that important! Let’s just say ‘there are still more things – in the heavens and earth … than are dreamt of – in mine or anyone’s poor philosophy.’


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