9 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela, dead at 95

    • Catherine, I wasn’t aware there was a movement about that was looking to make this change. But, IMHO, while I think Madiba is deservedly honored by the world community, I’m not sure renaming the country this, wouldn’t be an onerous response to the cult of personality. That, and, it would undoubtedly lead to resentments – and charges of tribalism – long after it’s well-intentioned meaning is lost.


      • You won’t be totally surprised, if I point out that your remembrance of the contribution American soldiers made, to the Allied success of WWII, are more sacrosanct than a good many Americans today. That, since the ‘passing on’ of the ‘greatest generation,’ their contributions have been increasingly viewed as less remarkable, in the minds of our younger generations. (And with reinvented history becoming less and less recognizable, for many like myself.)


        • It seems today they try to ban some posters from the Salt Lake Tribune .  They ban one good poster .  Catherine


        • Surely it wasn’t *you* who was banned? I’ve seen Disqus ‘glitches’ – for whatever reason – where folks have been locked out for a day or two at most (myself included), but is usually self-resolving. (Let me know if you’re still having a problem.)


    • His loss is, indeed, being felt world-wide. I just can’t get over how many Reich-wing nabobs, in this country, are willing to write this man’s legacy off as ‘he was a terrorist.’ Though, undoubtedly, many of the same ones who refuse to acknowledge Martin Luther King, Jr’s accomplishes. (Other than money, as the saying goes, racism would appear to answer all things.)


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